Veganuary. Ready, Set, Go
Wednesday, 15 December, 2021

Veganuary. Ready, Set, Go

It’s almost time for Veganuary again, so if you’re planning on taking part in the occasion, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible to make the most of your new year health kick!

If you’re new to following a vegan diet, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure you are getting all the vital nutrients you need. That’s why it can often be helpful to use supplements to support your diet during Veganuary; with One Nutrition, most of the supplement range is vegan, so you are able to get all the nutrients you need whilst sticking to your vegan diet. 

Certain nutrients are harder to come by in vegan diets than others, which is why we recommend you ensure you are getting enough of the following during Veganuary.

Calcium & Iron

Calcium is most commonly found in milk and other dairy foods and isn’t always the easiest nutrient to include in your diet whilst taking part in Veganuary. Similarly, iron is regularly found in red meat and liver and is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies. Calcium is essential for building and maintaining strong bones, whereas iron is vital for general growth and development – so it’s important to ensure you are getting both nutrients in your diet.  

An ideal vegan supplement if you’re struggling to get enough calcium and iron in your diet is One Nutrition Barley Grass Juice, an entirely natural superfood supplement. Barley grass has become a popular supplement due to the sheer amount of nutrients it contains, such as ten times more calcium than milk, five times more iron than spinach, and seven times more vitamin C than oranges.


One of the most important B vitamins, B12 is commonly found in meat and dairy products and is one of the more difficult nutrients to include as part of a vegan diet. B12 helps to keep the body’s blood and nerve cells healthy and plays a crucial role in making DNA. B12 also helps to prevent the blood condition megaloblastic anaemia, which can make you feel fatigued.

Many supplements contain B12 which can be used to supplement your diet, but one of the more effective ones if you are taking part in Veganuary is One Nutrition Vegan Complete. This supplement contains a unique combination of a range of naturally sourced vitamins including B12, B6, B3, D3, iron, zinc, folate, iodine & selenium as well as plant-based omega 3.


Vitamin D3 is essential for keeping your bones, teeth, and immune system strong and healthy. D3 is mostly found in fish and other meat-based products, so many people choose to use a supplement alternative who are following vegan diets. However, many D3 supplements are often made from sheep’s wool that aren’t appropriate for vegans. Thankfully, One Nutrition’s D3-Max is entirely vegan as it’s made from a unique lichen extract, making it the perfect D3 supplement for Veganuary.

Alternatively, the D3 + K2 Spray by One Nutrition is Vegetarian Society approved and is an excellent supplement option if you feel you need more K2 as well as D3 in your diet, which helps to absorb calcium into the bones, whilst offering support to your heart, teeth, and bones.


Another essential nutrient that can often be difficult to get into a daily vegan diet is zinc, which plays a crucial role in helping your immune system, metabolism function, as well as improving your sense of taste & smell. Because zinc is mostly found in animal products, vegans and people participating in Veganuary often turn to supplements to support their zinc intake. Revive & Go is an excellent choice for vegans, and is popular as it contains zinc picolinate, which is an easier form of zinc for the body to absorb. Additionally, Revive & Go contains vitamin C, which although is easily obtainable in fruit, is another essential vitamin for your daily diet.

Hopefully, the supplements mentioned in this blog will be able to ensure you complete Veganuary with no issues and you are able to maintain a healthy balanced diet throughout the month. If you’re feeling good afterwards, you might even consider extending your health kick!

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