7 Ways to Improve your Joint Health
Sunday, 13 September, 2020

7 Ways to Improve your Joint Health

Taking care of your joints is incredibly important. If your joints are giving you pain, then everything in life becomes difficult. Furthermore, this can then have an impact on the rest of your health. To make sure that your joints stay in tip-top condition, here are some hints, tips and tricks to help you look after your essential connectors!

Build Muscle

Strong muscles provide support for your joints. Fitting in muscle-building activities to your workouts can give your joints some much-needed protection. When it comes to muscle building, not all exercises are joint-friendly. You should try to avoid repetitive and jerking motions as these can cause damage.

A good option is to build in a resistance workout into your routine once a week. This will allow you to build enough muscle to protect your joints. It's a good idea to target the muscles that surround the joints you put the most pressure on with your other workouts. For example, runners should target their calves, thighs and hamstrings to help protect the knees and ankles.

Get A Strong Core

Working on your core is vital for everyone. It's not just for people hunting for a six-pack. Your core muscles act like a corset. They wrap around your centre and stabilise your whole body. Having strong core muscles has a lot of benefits. For activities like running and cycling, it improves your balance creating a better centre of gravity and can improve your movement patterns.

Stretch At The Right Time

Stretching keeps your muscles and joints healthy. Dynamic stretching is especially beneficial. However, you should never stretch cold muscles. It's not uncommon to see people stretching before a workout. But this is the worst time to do it. To get the best effect from stretching, you should do it at the end of your workout. Remember warming up and stretching are two different things.

Stretching while your muscles are warm increases your range of motion and loosen up your tendons and ligaments. This will keep your joints moving freely and prevent them from becoming damaged.

Know Your Limits

Whenever you are exercising, you should listen to your body. There are a lot of very loud voices making claims like "no pain-no gain". This is a huge misnomer. Exercising and working out can be hard and tiring, but it should not be painful. If something you are doing starts to cause you pain, then you should stop immediately.

It is really easy to push too hard and cause damage to your joints. This sort of damage can affect your bones and can lead to conditions like osteoarthritis. 

This also means that if you do suffer an injury, you should come back to exercise slowly. If you have a physio or a doctor involved with your injury, then follow their advice. Trying to rush through recovery will just make it take longer to get back to full fitness.

Perfect Your Posture

Take care of your posture. The way you sit and stand can have a big impact on your joint health. If you do have a lifestyle that means you spend long periods sitting, then it is very likely that your posture gets worse and worse. An easy way to correct any issues is by getting up taking a quick walk now and then. 

If you have been standing or sitting for a while, take stock of your posture. To have a good posture that protects your joints try to make sure that your spine is straight and aligned as much as possible.

Eating Right

Carrying extra weight is an easy way to damage your joints. Making sure that you're eating right and staying healthy is the best way to protect your joints. A healthy and varied diet will help you to get all the nutrients and minerals you need to keep your joints healthy.

Supplements Such As One Nutrition Joint Factor

Getting all the nutrients you need for healthy joints can be challenging. Choosing a supplement can be an easy way to make sure you get all the most vital ingredients. One Nutrition Joint Factor could be a fantastic supplement to add to your joint care routine. It’s a product which contains glucosamine and vitamin D3 along with Boswellia Extract and ASU (Avacado Soybean Unsaponifiable) of which there are numerous studies you can read online which discuss it's benefits in joint health.

The Winning Twosome

As in most areas of health and wellness, the most important things are diet and exercise. For exercise, you want to include some resistance training and core work. Your diet should be healthy and varied. A nutritional supplement like One Nutrition Joint Factor can top everything up to make sure you get all the nutrients you need for healthy joints.

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