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One Nutrition D3 + K2 Oral Spray

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One Nutrition's D3 & K2 oral spray is a vegetarian, highly absorbable orange flavoured sublingual spray which gets into the bloodstream quicker. D3 & K2 together offer vital support for the heart, teeth & bone health. Find Out More


Ingredients (per spray): Water, Sorbitol (viscosity modifier), Cholecalciferol (vegetarian vitamin D3 - 500IU/12.5μg/250% Reference Intake), Natural orange flavouring, Menaquinone (vitamin K2 (MK-7 K2VITAL) 16.7μg), Potassium sorbate (preservative), Citric acid (acidulant), Tri sodium citrate (acidity regulator), Xanthan gum (stabiliser), Steviol glycosides (natural sweetener).


Serving Size: Adults take 1 to 6 (max) sprays daily

Servings: 180 Sprays Per Bottle

Suggested Use: Spray up to 6 times. For enhanced absorption spray under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds

Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects

Storage: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Consult a healthcare professional if you are pregnant/breastfeeding, have a medical condition or are on medication

The perfect pairing of high strength vitamin D3 & K2 designed to support immunity, cardiovascular health and healthy teeth & bones in an easy to use, highly absorbable spray.

One Nutrition's D3 (Cholecalciferol) & K2 (Menaquinone MK-7) spray directs calcium out of the arteries and into the bones where it helps improve bone density making this an essential supplement for the maintenance of healthy bones. 

Why we love it?

One Nutrition's D3 & K2 is a vegetarian friendly, highly absorbable, orange flavoured spray which when taken under the tongue, absorbs quickly into the bloodstream.

Together these nutrients (D3 & K2) offer vital support for the heart, teeth & bones.

....and why you will too

Without D3 and K2, calcium cannot be absorbed into bones properly so this formulation contains carefully selected forms of D3 & K2 in the optimum dose.

The Menaquinone MK-7, K2, is the most active and bioavailable form of K2, supporting healthy bones and cardiovascular function .

Whilst the Vitamin D3 is a natural source derived from Lichen that helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus to support the maintenance of normal bones