Manuka Health Training

Mānuka Health would like to kick off the new year with something unprecedented.

The Mānuka Health training team is offering an online training session on our award-winning Manuka Health Mānuka Honey.

In the training, attendees will learn about the background of the company, the origin of Mānuka Health honey, information about MGO (Methylglyoxal), and practical usage examples.

The goal is to train the sales personnel at the point of sale (POS). Thus you can share the link provided below with the sales teams & store owners who may wish to join.

Mānuka Health are offering two training sessions in February, one in the morning and one in the evening, to accommodate as many employees as possible. Employees will need to register via the link. The training will be conducted by a German colleague who will present in English.

There will be no video recording of the presentation, and the presentation itself will not be shared afterwards. The only way to access the information is by participating in one of the trainings.